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Well, here they are.  I'm thrilled to have gotten so many creative, colorful and FANTASTIC entries.  To everyone who participated, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! .

So, without further ado, I present...the esteemed winners of the 2012 End-of-Season Fairy Garden Photo Contest:

Most Eco-Friendly

Winner:  Cheryl - New Jersey

Most Eco-Friendly Fairy Garden Contest Winner

A pond liner is filled with soil, planted and decorated with (among many eye-catching items) an assortment of recycled household objects not typically associated with fairy gardening. My photo editing doesn't do this justice - it's a highly original, magical spot that probably reflects light in interesting ways. Truly awesome!


Winner:  Fran - Florida

Funniest Fairy Garden Contest Winner

What's not to love about this? Not your grandmother's enchanted garden, this spooky, scary scene is filled with ghouls, ghosts, vampires and skeletons. A fairy garden even a boy could like!


Winner:  Judie - Minnesota

Biggest Fairy Garden Contest Winner

Intricate and superbly designed, this delightful garden makes ingenious use of the stone border to give the appearance of a town wall surrounding an intimate yet large-scale fairy village. Yes, it's big - bravo, Judie! - but even more, it's a charming and totally inviting scene.

Best Integration of Plants

Winner:  Kerry - Colorado

Best Integration of Plants Fairy Garden Contest Winner

Here unlike almost every other entry I received, the plants take center stage and fairy houses and accessories are added more for color and interest. That's exactly my style of gardening (no bias here) but I rarely create something that looks as appealing and, well...fully integrated with the plants as this natural-looking setting. I'd love to see it a year from now when the plants have filled in and start creating an overgrown look to the cottages - like they are abandoned in the forest, and taken over by woodland creatures. Great job!

Most Original Container

Winner:  Lisa - California

Most Original Container Fairy Garden Photo Contest Winner

This is an unorthodox interpretation of the term "miniature fairy garden" (partly why I like it so much). The old family photos produce a strong emotional reaction. Especially placed like they are, on markers, like the subjects are gone but still watching over us. I'm not even sure what the container is (a drawer or table?) but with all the symbolic accessories, this is a mysterious, memory-filled tableux that shows a lot of creative effort and makes you stop and think. Thanks, Lisa...

Grand Prize

Winner:  Rosemary - California

Grand Prize Fairy Garden Photo Contest Winner

Take a look at the attention to detail, the great combination of plants and colors, the symmetry and how perfectly composed this miniature Halloween fairyscape is! The work and planning and effortlessness of this fantastic mini masterpiece is really great! I would love to see what it looks like in person because I have a feeling it's even more impressive in real life. Thanks for giving us ideas and an example to follow, Rosemary!


Winner:  Brenda - Minnesota

Smallest Fairy Garden Photo Contest Winner

This contestant entered MANY photos, each one accompanied by a caption that makes me wonder if she might possibly work for one of my competitors (just kidding, Brenda!). She is a prodigious maker of miniature gardens & artistic creations and has a great imagination and an infectious enthusiasm. It was honestly hard to even decide which category her creations belonged in. But the charmer above IS tiny and small, too, The smallest garden entered. So, arbitrary choice but easy decision. Fun stuff, Brenda - thanks a bunch!

Best All-Around

Winner:  Caley - Connecticut

Best All-Around Fairy Garden Photo Contest Winner

I love everything about this garden - the playfulness, the careful placement of each item, the great mix of colors and textures, using an old metal trough as a container. The creator of this intriguingly detailed little world within a world has earned the title of "Best All Around Fairy Garden" with her fanciful design and by (it's obious!)...having fun. That's #1 and you, Caley, are #1, too!

(More photos - taken from all different angles - will be posted later - like almost every photo shown here, you can't imagine how great each entry is unless you see the raw (in most cases - HUGE! - photos I was sent)


Winner:  Terry - Florida

Grandest of the Grand Fairy Garden Photo Contest Winner

Well, Rosemary of CA was the clear grand prize winner, until this late entrant burst onto the scene from out of nowhere with 4 hours to go before the entry deadline a week ago. Once I saw what Terry had done - and after already notifying valued customer Rosemary that she'd won Grand Prize - a snap decision was made to create a new category: "Grandest of the Grand". It's hard to argue, if you take even the most cursory look, that this contestant has more than just mad skilz - she is the Michaelangelo of fairy gardening! Congratulations, Terry, and thanks for your entry. It's tremendous!


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